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Dr. Louise P. Colletti

About Dr. Louise P. Colletti

Dr. Louise Colletti is another key member of the team at Friedberg Eye Associates. She treats patients at this practice in Woodbury, New Jersey.

Dr. Colletti earned her Doctor of Optometry degree from Salus University Pennsylvania College. She is a contact lens expert, provides exams for low vision aids for patients with visual impairment, and sees patients for general optometry examinations.

Like the other doctors at Friedberg Eye Associates, Dr. Colletti is committed to her patients. She listens to their concerns so that she can understand what they need. She works hard to make the medical experience as comfortable as possible for patients. Whether patients are visiting the office for a routine examination or an acute problem, Dr. Colletti provides expert care and individualized attention to every patient.

Dr. Colletti is currently accepting new patients in Woodbury, New Jersey, and the surrounding area. Patients who are interested in making an appointment with Dr. Colletti should contact Friedberg Eye Associates for more information.


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